More than just a list of Sustainable Wedding and Engagement rings, this post explores all the ways wedding jewellers are pushing to create a positive impact through their work. It was such a joy to research and I hope you love exploring the rings and jewellery created by these brilliant creatives!

An Ethical Take, Sustainable Wedding Guide

March 9, 2020

Sustainable Wedding & Engagement Rings / the Sustainable Wedding Guide

A bride holds her wedding rings, made sustainably by Digby and Iona, in her hand in a blue jewellery box.

The first post in my series on Planning a Sustainable Wedding, featuring beautiful Sustainable Wedding Gowns from designers across the globe.

An Ethical Take, Sustainable Wedding Guide

December 18, 2019

Sustainable Wedding Gowns + Bridal Wear / The Sustainable Wedding Guide

A sheer, embroidered dress made sustainably by Harriette Gordon taken at Donnelly River.

My aim in writing about ethical fashion or ethical apparel or sustainable living (whichever moniker you prefer), was to document my transition of buying whatever from wherever because I felt like it, to consciously buying garments that were well-researched and fulfilled a purpose, but 3 years later and I think I might have missed that boat…

An Ethical Take

August 14, 2016

An Ethical Take.

Ethical Clothing Nobody Denim Morrison Australia 1