If you’ve been following along my adventures for some time...

Don’t worry! I’ll still be working in Italy. In fact, I’ll be there almost as much as I’ll be in Portugal, photographing your beautiful Italian Weddings and Elopements just like before, only… well, maybe we should go back to the start. 

My big news will probably come as no surprise, but here it is all the same… 

Eu vou para Portugal!!! I’m moving to Portugal!!! 

To Peniche (somewhere between Baleal and Ferrel, to be more precise) – the sweetest little surf town with epic coastlines, a tight knit community, and non-stop waves that has absolutely stolen my heart.


But what about Italy?! 

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Portugal Lifestyle Photographer

Following Your Heart

Back in January 2022, I decided to give up my apartment in Milan and become a nomadic wedding & elopement photographer, following my work across Italy, Australia, and the world. 

Just like I believe you should create a wedding that is true to you and to the life you wish to build for yourself, I also believe that the world would be a better place if we all worked to create the lives that we dream of for ourselves. And everything about this decision felt so right in that moment. 

My travels took me from Italy to Greece to Portugal, Singapore to Bali, from Australia to the UK and even as far as Canada. It was a dream come true. 

a note on...

While I was travelling though, I knew that I was also looking for a new place to call home. I’ve been an ocean baby my whole life – it’s my happiest place – and it was the thing Milano was missing (that, and I’ve always dreamed of having a ragtag brood of chickens and a big old veggie patch). I also knew that the suitcase lifestyle could only last so long – changing cities so often was making it hard for me to give my very best to you, my wonderful clients.  

Of course, I won’t quite have a big veggie patch or any chickens in Portugal (yet…), but I will have the ocean, a home base where I can leave my things after almost 2 years living out of a suitcase, and a comfortable place where I’ll have time to edit photos, reply to your emails, and surf every freaking day (yahoo!). 

Curious to learn more about my nomadic lifestyle?

Even if this news is a surprise to you, it’s not so much to me. I knew that I wanted to make Baleal my home after the first time I visited in July 2022. Since then, I’ve been studying Portuguese, saving for a new visa, and I’ve even gone back to visit three times, just to be sure!

For now, I’ve decided not to advertise myself as a wedding photographer in Portugal (although if you ask, I’ll almost definitely say ‘absolutely yes!!’). Before I start advertising it though, I want to settle in and get into a groove with my new life between Portugal, Italy, and Australia. 

I am for sure ready to start taking portrait sessions for beautiful couples, though! And I’d love to work with local makers, small businesses, and travellers alike. These sessions will be limited – only 1-2 a month – and I’m oh so excited to get started! 

So, if you’re going to be in Portugal, or if you plan to come visit, hit me up! I’d love nothing more than to meet you here, and to share one of my favourite places in the world with you through photography. 

Portuguese Lifestyle Photographer

Oh hey, that’s me! 

And I suppose I can now officially say, that as well as being an Italian Elopement Photographer and an Australian Wedding Photographer, I am also a Portuguese Lifestyle Photographer, as well! Woah!

Being able to feel at home in three countries is an immense privilege, but one that I know isn't always straight forward. It's so important to me that when I move somewhere new, I not only learn the language and find ways to contribute, but that I do something for the people who have welcomed me... 

Which is why I've come up with a fun little passion project, and I need your help! 

While I get settled in and create a home here, I'd love to support and showcase local Portuguese creatives & makers, by buying their wares for my new home, and sharing their stories here & on social media. I've been doing my best to research already, but if you have any suggestions of epic Portuguese creatives, or you are one yourself, reach out! I'd love to work together!

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