More than just a list of Sustainable Wedding and Engagement rings, this post explores all the ways wedding jewellers are pushing to create a positive impact through their work. It was such a joy to research and I hope you love exploring the rings and jewellery created by these brilliant creatives!

An Ethical Take, Sustainable Wedding Guide

March 9, 2020

Sustainable Wedding & Engagement Rings / the Sustainable Wedding Guide

A bride holds her wedding rings, made sustainably by Digby and Iona, in her hand in a blue jewellery box.

The first post in my series on Planning a Sustainable Wedding, featuring beautiful Sustainable Wedding Gowns from designers across the globe.

An Ethical Take, Sustainable Wedding Guide

December 18, 2019

Sustainable Wedding Gowns + Bridal Wear / The Sustainable Wedding Guide

A sheer, embroidered dress made sustainably by Harriette Gordon taken at Donnelly River.