Elope in Italy: What is an Elopement?

If you’ve found yourself on this page because you’re planning your wedding, I’m guessing you clicked on this link somewhat out of curiosity. After all, isn’t an elopement something that only happens in Las Vegas chapels or Jane Austen novels?

The Magic of an All-Day Elopement

If you choose to elope, it doesn’t make your wedding day any less special or important. Actually, an elopement is an incredible opportunity to create an entire day devoted to doing the things you love most. Give yourself permission to forget about all the shoulds and must-haves, the traditional ways of doing things, and simply picture your perfect day…

It can be hard to fully commit to this idea and let go of pre-conceived notions of what a wedding should be. We all know what a traditional wedding looks like – the ceremony, the bridal party, party favours, and table charts. And if this is what you love, then you should absolutely go for it!

I have a sneaking suspicion though that the fact you’re here, and you’re reading this page, means you’re curious about eloping. You might even be wondering what a full-day elopement looks like and where you could go?

Oh boy, if the wanderlust wasn’t already real!! The truth is, Italy is home to 20 regions, each one of which has an abundance of its own rustic, wild, delicious, adventurous, luxurious charms. There’s an angle to suit every soul and so many secrets to be uncovered…

But for now, I’d love to share a few sample timelines I’ve put together for what an All-Day Elopement might look like.



A Hiking Elopement in the Dolomites

This is an example of a hiking elopement where it’s just the two of you. In this scenario, you could either solemnize the marriage in your home country, or I could help you to arrange for your legal vows to be said in a local town hall.

2.00pm: Meet at the start of the Sentiero (or trailhead), start the hike
4.30pm: Arrive at the top, couple changes into wedding attire
4.45pm: First Look
5.00pm: Exchange Vows, Portrait Photos, Take in the amazing view
6.10pm: Sunset Portraits
6.30pm: Begin hiking down, star photos if the weather permits
8.30pm: Arrive at the bottom of the Sentiero, drive back to the Lodge
9.30pm: Arrive at Lodge for Private Dinner
10.45pm: Firepit, first dance
11pm: Finish

An Italian Elopement in Tuscany

The beauty of All-Day Elopement Photography is that you can plan a day filled with everything you love, even if that means taking a break in the middle of the day to nap or just hang out together. In this imagined Tuscan elopement, I’ve envisioned a calm day filled with adventure, but also that makes the best use of the nicest times of day – sunrise and sunset – with space for a nap in between. When planning this elopement, I had a specific venue in mind that’s in a breathtaking location between the sea, a river, and wild woods, but is also home to horses.

4.30am: Photographer arrives, getting ready in separate rooms at Airbnb, photograph details
5.15am: Couple gets dressed in wedding attire
5.45am: First Look at the Beach time to coincide with sunrise
6.00am: Share Vows on the Beach, Portrait Photos
7.30am: Head back to the accommodation, catered champagne breakfast
8.30am: Nap-time!

5.00pm: Get dressed in more casual outfits
5.45pm: Aperitivo by the pool / in the garden
7.00pm: Horse ride to the River
8.40pm: Sunset Photos by the River
9.00pm: Arrive Back, Private dinner in the glasshouse
11.00pm: Fin

An Intimate Elopement in Sicily

Because an elopement doesn’t have to mean you get married without any of your loved one’s present! This is a sample timeline for an Italian Elopement in Sicily, where you’ve booked out a small boutique accommodation by the beach for the two of you and anywhere from 2 – 20 of your favourite people. In this case, so that you could really focus on quality time with each other as well as with your guests, I’ve also added a day-after portrait shoot.

9.30am: Photographer arrives, lazy Italian breakfast
10.30am: Group outing to the beach to start your wedding day with a swim and some fun
12.30pm: Lunch at a seaside restaurant
4.00pm: Getting Ready Photos – couple get ready together and help each other put on wedding attire, share some time together, and take photos of details
6.00pm: Ceremony
7.00pm: Aperitivo
7.30pm: Quick sunset portraits
8.00pm: Long table dinner
Party long into the night with help from an amazing Italian DJ yessss!

4:00pm: Meet couple, already dressed. Head out to take photos around a local historic town
6:00pm: Arrive at a scenic spot, like the Salt Mines of Trapani, explore and take sunset photos
7.45pm: Head back to the Accommodation


Basically, an elopement can look however you want it to. These are just three ideas that I dreamed up on a Sunday night, and there are so, so many more potentials – from hot air balloon rides to wild road trips, hikes into hidden freshwater gorges or mountain peaks, days spent wining & dining in Italy’s finest restaurants… the list goes on and on!

The one thing any elopement – or wedding, for that matter – should have in common, is that it’s a commitment to the person you love. You’re committing to life and love, to adventure and misadventure, to tears and laughter and everything in-between! Life is a wild ride and you deserve a wedding that reflects the life and relationship you’ve worked to create – the things you love, the places you love, and more than anything, the person you love.

If you’d like to chat more, or if you have questions about Eloping in Italy, feel free to get in touch.