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Blue Boat House Elopement Photography / How to Elope in Perth


WOW! The blue houseboat is such a beautiful setting for an intimate elopement. A picture perfect wedding day. Congrats to Susie and Ethan!

Wow! Such a cool place and you captured it all so beautifully!

Oh my gosh, was that a rainbow I spied near the end of these photos?! What a sweet elopement! I’ve never thought about the possibility of eloping in Perth, this really put it on the map for me! Wonderful work 🙂

What a unique location! I love the extra pop of color that this little boat house gives to the photos and the minimalist images that you can get over the water… such a stunning combination m.

Love the simplicity of this elopement and to include the history of the the blue boat house was a nice touch! Thanks for sharing!

I love the idea of having a symbolic ceremony rather than a traditional ceremony. But also, can we talk about that shot of them walking on the dock?!?!? I would frame that in the biggest print possible if that was my wedding. STUNNING.

These photos are amazing! Keep killing it and also thank you for all the info on how to elope that this beautiful place!!

I love the film-like look that you have imparted on these Perth elopement photos. Beautiful!

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