Family Portraits Guide

Honest Moments, Real Smiles!

Taking photos can be intimidating. Even THINKING about everything involved might be enough to stress you out.

I totally get it! Getting photos of your kiddos can be tricky, but I’ll help you to make the experience easy, stress-free, and even a whole lot of fun for everybody involved.

Over time, I’ve developed a process that takes the focus off the ‘sit still and smile’ approach to family photos, and instead gets you and your little ones moving & interacting.

Your kids are able to be the beautiful little characters they are, and you get to walk away with photos that are 100% real and genuine. Plus, I’ll always find time for a photo of you and your love.

Let's hang out, take some photos, and enjoy the process!

A typical session will start off just hanging out. This gives you and your family a chance to get used to me and perhaps even let off a little energy in the process. Making sure you’re all comfortable with me (and my cameras!) is absolutely a priority!

If your kids aren’t too camera shy, then I’ll probably start off with a few nice photos of you all smiling at the camera. These are the photos that Grandma will put on the fridge, and it’s best to get them out of the way!

From there on, we can have a bunch of fun!

I’ve got some fun prompts and games in case you’re not sure what to do, but mostly it’ll be dancing and laughing, encouraging you to hang out and be yourselves.

Every family and every child is unique, so the best location for your session depends on you! When we have our pre-portrait care call, I’ll work with you to choose the ideal location as well as any activities that you’d love to include.

Whether your kids start the shoot on an energy high or a little camera shy, I’ll be sure to work with them. And I’ll always do my best to take photos of you all together, as well as individually to really capture each family member’s unique personality.

What to Bring

First thing’s first, you should absolutely bring your pet (especially your dog!). For so many of us, our pets are part of our family and it’s always lovely to include them – and often they bring a different level of fun! Just make sure that we can plan a location where dogs are allowed. Not only that, it’s important that dogs are comfortable and trained, so that we don’t spend your whole shoot calming them down or chasing after them!

As for props? Well, it really depends! If you’re thinking about bringing something finnicky, that could be cumbersome, it’s best to leave it at home. Things like little signs can be really cute, but often you lose a lot of time in your portrait session while setting them up and moving them around.

I want you to be completely present and really make the most of our time together, not spend your shoot worried about using all the props!

If the prop you’d like to bring is something you and your family love, then bring it along! For example, if your family loves music and playing the guitar together, then bring your guitar! Or, if your little one has a toy they are absolutely attached to, let them hold onto it.

It’s part of your story and that’s worth documenting.

Let's Talk Details

How do we choose a location?

For newborn photos, I suggest an in-home session, where you can relax and will have everything you need readily available.

I’d love to suggest a custom location for you & your family. That said, if you’re in Milan, some of my clients’ favourite locations include a tour of Milan’s historic centre, the Naviglio & Darsena area, or the Martesana.

Otherwise, if there’s an activity that your family loves, like making pancakes or going to the skatepark, then let’s do that!

Either way, we can decide together during your pre-portrait call.

What time should we choose?

Lighting is one of the most important elements for creating beautiful photos. The best light is around sunset or sunrise, so it’s best to plan for then. More importantly, though, let’s plan around what works for your kids and their routines!

What should we wear?

I recommend steering clear of obvious brand names and logos, and have any crazy patterns. These can be distracting and take away from the final images. Neutral colours and soft patterns are your best option.

That said, the most important thing is and always will be that you feel comfortable and like your best self!

If you love wearing crazy patterns, you do you! Or if your kid loves wearing a superhero costume and won’t take it off, then let them wear their superhero costume. Afterall, this is about telling your family’s story as you are and capturing this moment in time.

And that's all there is to it!

I hope this guide has answered all your questions!

The main goal of your photos is to capture your family as you are; the real, honest moments. So bring your authentic selves and take this chance to relax and have fun.

If you still have any questions anytime along the way, just let me know. And don’t forget to schedule in your pre-portrait call so we can finalise the details!

Talk soon,